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In many southern cultures is the word „Çay“ (tea) a very popular word and drink. People in theis cultures drink Çay in many situations:

- breakfast

- lunch

- dinner

As many know in every single moment.

Çay replaced coffee in turkish, albanian, arabic, bosnien, chechenien, azerbaijan, iran, syria etc. since 1924.  Every single turk drink Çay on average ten glasses in one day. 

The most well known is that the tea in this culture is not drunk from cups but rather from glasses.

Around 83 million turks live in the world, this means that about 830.000.000 million (!) glasses of Çay are drunk every day.

Even the germans start drinking Çay, since they seen this culture from the turks.

We need the Çaymoji, the world needs the Çaymoji.