Sign this petition to get pro-war Priyanka Chopra removed as a unicef Goodwill Ambassador

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Someone who tweets pro war tweets to aggravate an intense situation between two nuclear countries on the brink of war does not deserve the title of Unicef Goodwill Ambassador. Kashmir is currently under curfew by the Indian government ever since article 370 was ended after Indian PM Modhi was re-elected. Muslims in Kashmir are completely cut off from the rest off the world as they have no internet access and so the clear human rights violations going on there remain unseen by the rest of the world. Priyanka Chopra uses her huge platforms to tweet pro war tweets against Pakistan and snaps at Pakistanis who confront her about it, saying 'stop venting', and that she is 'not pro-war, just patriotic.' It is time to wake up and realize there is no difference; and that someone who misuses their huge platform and title as a Goodwill Ambassador to promote WAR and the VIOLATION OF HUMAN (MUSLIM, PAKISTANI) LIVES DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE A UNICEF "GOODWILL AMBASSADOR (WHICH IS SOMEONE WHO PROMOTES GOODWILL IN ALL ASPECTS, ESPECIALLY HUMAN RIGHTS, BY DEFINITION)". Human lives are in danger in Kashmir and it is time we inform the world of it, and that cannot be done through someone like Priyanka Chopra.