Sign our Global Children and Youth Appeal on Climate Change and Health!

Sign our Global Children and Youth Appeal on Climate Change and Health!

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“The climate emergency is rapidly undermining the future of survival of all species, and the likelihood of a world in which children enjoy their right to health appears increasingly out of reach”
— Lancet Commission-WHO-UNICEF report, February 2020

The Healthy and Environment-friendly Youth (HEY) Campaign is all about creating a generation of young people committed to adopting lifestyles that are both healthy and environmentally friendly, and leading global advocacy efforts to build inclusive societies where priority is given to life and dignity, rather than economic growth alone. Our agenda is to create a movement bringing all of our youth and children together, in their diversity, to promote and advocate for these shared values.

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Dear friends

Dear neighbors

Dear leaders from rich nations

… and less privileged ones

Dear brothers and sisters

We are HEY! [Healthy and Environment-friendly Youth]


For us, the Earth is

… our ONLY home 

… our shelter 

… our Mother 

We need it to survive, not the other way around

We are not the hosts, but the guests!


We’re calling for healthier futures 

We’re calling on everyone to respect the environment 

… and live in harmony with Nature 


Climate change

… increases the frequency and intensity of droughts, floods, hurricanes 

… causes more forest fires 

… and water scarcity 


Climate change leads to

… cardiovascular and respiratory diseases 

… and an exacerbation of diseases that most affect children 


We want

… a world where wealth is not used to produce more consumerism 

… but to lift the poor out of poverty 

… inclusive societies, where people living with disabilities are protected 

… where businesses pay more attention to their environmental impact 

… and do not promote unhealthy foods 


We want measures to drastically reduce the amount of emissions from factories and oil and gas companies in our countries 

Deforestation is one of the main contributing factors of poverty. We want to get out of this cycle! 

We want to protect our seas! 

We want to live in insecticide- and pesticide-free societies

We want to raise awareness about climate change amongst our people 


We want

… to transform our education systems, now, to build an eco-friendly generation 

… not to rely 100% on industrial food production 

… and countries to use the Covid-19 crisis to accelerate their green transition 

… not fossil-fuel production. 


More than anything else 

… we want to transform fear into hope! 


Good news: there are solutions 

.. but these solutions require changing the predatory systems we live in 


We’re calling on all youth, let us repeat: ALL youth, to take action, even small 

We have to begin from somewhere 

Some call it the butterfly effect 


Don’t forget that the Covid-19 crisis is an example of what’s ahead of us 

... if we don’t take bold steps to build healthier and environment-friendly societies 


So we dream of a world

... where zero children die of air pollution 

… where upcoming generations get to experience most flora and fauna species, we had the fortune to savour as children 

… where we listen to the local knowledge of indigenous peoples 

… where Reduce, Recycle, Reuse is more than a slogan! 


A world that unites for the betterment of our planet 

… where women and men, girls and boys 

… are treated equally 

… and where people fight climate change, not each other 


We are HEY 

Are you HEY? 

Are we HEY together? 


Join HEY Movement!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!