Save Children In Poverty In Syria

Save Children In Poverty In Syria

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Children in Syria are facing extreme poverty. Oftentimes children are dying because of starvation, poor healthcare, and diseases. It’s time to make a change. These children need our help to survive.

Syrias government and healthcare system do not cater to young kids. This means if a child gets sick and can not afford a trip to the doctor, chances are they won’t make it. This also means many citizens and families are sick, and can’t get to a hospital.

This also means that Syria is poor. Buildings and houses are being bombed, meaning many families are left homeless, and starving. Not to mention people are being killed daily because of warfare. These children are in the midst of something they can’t control- it’s not fair to them. Imagine being stuck in the middle of a war, helpless and confused. That’s exactly how those kids feel!

Every donation will go to UNICEF to help these kids in need. Please, take the 1-click it takes to support the change that has to come.

We CANT just pretend this problem isn’t happening. It’s getting bigger and bigger. And the longer we leave it alone, more and more kids will suffer from PTSD, starvation, and disease. Please, sign your name to help these children.