Reduction of child labour across India.

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We are students from Bangalore who believe anyone can make a difference. We hope to eradicate child labour across India by spreading awareness and showing its affects. Living in India, we have witnessed child labour several times, and watching the children suffer makes us want to create a difference. We often think about how we would feel if we were in their shoes, and no one deserves to be treated like that. After looking at multiple different child labour projects done by UNICEF and other such organizations, we were inspired to make a change. We were also encouraged to do this after reading the book, "Iqbal" by Francesco D'Adamo. "Iqbal" is a book based on a 13 year old boy who helped stop child labour in his country. We started within our communites by spreading awareness through our posters.

By signing this petition, we can bring this problem to be noticed by higher government officials. We wish to see a difference.
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For every 10 signatures we will donate ₹1 towards UNICEF.