Help Spread Awareness about Gender Inequality

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Did you know that more than half of the world’s women population do chores and take care of kids, instead of having the access to education? Over the years, beliefs and values from different countries have insisted that women’s rights were limited. This situation can  an example of a world issue called gender inequality.

Gender inequality is the idea that men and women are not equal. It refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals wholly or partly due to their gender. In a society, gender equality should be seen and considered as a very important moral principle. Presently, issues like gender discrimination and inequality continue to influence the mindset of people about gender. Several people are still holding on to the idea that one gender can do something, while the other cannot.

This petition aims to raise awareness about the growing issue regarding gender inequality throughout the world. By raising awareness about this world issue we can hope to achieve genuine equality between men and women in all aspects of life. The purpose of this petition is to showcase the strength, talent, and capabilities of all genders and help improve the situation.