Ban interviewing children on TV - Ban Arif Hameed Bhatti and fine ARY

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In an effort to boost their ratings TV channels often thrust microphones in the faces of minors following tragedies with complete disregard for the emotional impact and their subsequent mental health.

In a disgusting TV interview aired last week, Arif Hameed Bhatti, bureau chief ARY Lahore, asked a child about her dead father. Her father was shot on the street in a police encounter in Sahiwal and Arif Hameed asked her questions like, 

"Where is your father?" "Why has he not come home?" "Where has he gone?" "How did he die? He was healthy yesterday? Who killed him?"

The interview can be watched here: 

and a report on the interview here:

Not only should this man be banned, we should ban the interviews of children and minors on television, especially after tragedies. 

The conduct of TV channels interviewing APS survivors was reprehensible and there were never any consequences for the interviewers or the TV channels.

We urge PEMRA and the Government of Pakistan to realize that the emotional/mental impact of these interviews and videos can be irreparable for the children, and also for the children watching at home. 

Please ban the interviewing of minors!

Thank you.