All lives matter and Plateau lives should as well

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 It is no news that there’s been killings of Christians in Nigeria almost on a daily basis especially in the Northern and middle-belt region. 

 These attacks are claimed to have been perpetrated by “unknown gunmen” but somehow the victims always end up being Christian kids, youths, parents and grandparents. Little chrildren orphaned, wives widowed, husbands made widowers and the old rendered helpless.

 Between June 23th-25th, over 200 people were massacred, homes and churches burnt to smithereens in Plateau State villages (Gashish, Bokkos, Barkin ladi(Gwol), riyom). The government owned media stations announced the number of victims they deemed appropriate for mass consumption and this time it was “eleven (11)”, not even close to one tenth of the actual number. 

   So far nothing has been done about the situation except ofcourse to impose a curfew and that from experience has never been of any good to us. 

    To make matters even worse, the chairman of Miati Allah went on national television (TVC) to say the killings of the over 200 human lives was as a result of 300 stolen cows, which of course is false. And some how he wasn’t apprehended.

We need help, we have nowhere else to run to.