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Run the U6 bus from Ocean Village!

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Ocean Village bus users have been left high and dry after FirstBus withdrew numbers 3, 6 11, 12 and 13 services from Canute Road on 25 November 2013.

On its Twitter page, FirstBus says  "there isn't much we can do but avoid Ocean Village", whilst congestion in the area is at an all-time high due to the works affecting Albert Road and Platform Road.  

According to the notice posted on its website, FirstBus says the services will resume in March 2014.  At the same time, Bluestar has withdrawn its only Canute Road service, the number 3, with no indication of when it will resume.  As the UniLink U1C is only operating from a temporary westbound stop inside Dock Gate 4 and apparently its drivers have been expressly told not to drop passengers off on return journey, This means that Ocean Village has no fully functioning bus services for the forseeable future.  In a major city, that is a disgrace.

The situation above makes this petition even more important, please read on and sign. 


On completion of the Platform for Prosperity Project (apparently 2015), those travelling from Ocean Village will no longer have a U1 bus service running to the University of Southampton nearby. 

The new service will start and terminate at the new Dock Gate 5, which is potentially over half an hour’s walk away from Ocean Village.

We believe that this is simply not good enough for those using these services.  Uni-Link says that running the U1 to and from Ocean Village would extend journey time too much.  So instead, we suggest that: 

The U6 begins at the bus stop at Ocean Village Innovation Centre Offices (OVIC) and uses Ocean Village as a turning circle, going out at Ocean Way before continuing to NOC and the General Hospital via Highfield Campus as usual.

Our petition is in response to the claim by Unilink that there is not the demand for this service.

We want to submit this petition ASAP.  We believe that time is of the essence since the new carriageway along Platform Road has now been laid, complete with road markings and it appears that paving will be laid shortly.  We therefore believe that this road and the new bus stops could be operational BEFORE 2015!  Sign now and GET US OUR BUSES!


More reasons to support this petition:

We are aware that Planning Contributions were taken from developers at Ocean Village to fund public transport provision.  This includes the building of several bus stops inside Ocean Village and more are apparently due to be built.  But where are our buses?

If the U6 runs from Ocean Village, that would make it the only bus service in the city to stop there.  Because it is also a Uni-Link service, Key Card holders would be able to use it to get directly to and from the restaurants and Cinema (Harbour Lights and CineWorld) that are based there, which is good for trade. 

Increasing residential development in Ocean Village (Admiral’s Quay) means more people.  If the aim of the Platform for Prosperity Project is to reduce traffic congestion, this will be difficult just with road improvements.  We need to consider potential demand for public transport too, otherwise people who can will just jump in their cars and we will be back to where we started!

Running the U6 directly from Ocean Village helps those in the area with disabilities or mobility problems, both young and elderly, who may rely on the buses to get around.  

Running the U6 from Ocean Village would assist those working for the NHS in the area who need a bus service that runs directly to the Royal South Hants and General Hospitals.  As many staff work shifts, this would allow them to get to and from work safely and cheaply, sometimes at unsociable hours.

Running the U6 from Ocean Village frees up capacity on the U1 and shortens journey time, which means a more reliable service for those using the U1 to get from the station to Highfield and vice-versa.

Please visit for more information.

Southampton City Council Planning Department's supporting documents for the Platform for Prosperity Project can be viewed here.

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