I am targeted individual with directed energy weapons and its microchips! Please help me!

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I Zia Mojrian, from Iran but nowadays i live in Turkey to give help  
I am targeted individual of mind control with directed energy weapen and microchip by iranian governments!  

I can send you some videos that show how when i am at home some rays attract me!, and also some pictures of my body which are magneticed and Some MIR that show there are some strang thing in important parts of my body!  

And also my affidavit form than has been put on dr.Katherine Horton' website and JIT's website which i will share their link. Here you can see some victims who have common problems through this criminal technology!  




I would like to say that i was going to move to an western country to complain about it but i was guided to Turkey indirectly! So i have lots of problems about mind control like in iran which nobody help me even the UNHCR or immigration office of Turkey! And also some local personnel of UNHCR try to make problem on my case!  
Even i went to America embassy in Ankara, Turkey, and showed them my documents, the just told they would help me by UNHCR, but the Turkish governments have got back all cases from UNHCR' so that no body pay attention more!  

you most know that the iranian gavernments use this criminal technology to make thier people as a terrorism! like experiences that i have had! so that when i realized everything about mind control, all thing have changed to torture!  

Please believe me! Please help me!  

i am so sorry my English is not very well!

My phone number:  







Many thanks