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End Animal Testing in the Cosmetics Industry

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According to the Humane Society International, 100,000 to 200,000 animals will die as a result from the cruel and inhumane testing they are subjected to for the sake of cosmetics research. While there are more than 50 other methods to test cosmetics without the use of animals, many name brand cosmetics companies still use animal test subjects to test chemicals and their products. Even though many argue that testing animals for research is more cost effective, these practices contribute to the suffering and eventual death of innocent animals. This is a blatant act of speciesism, and it is unnecessary to continue these practices. Many well-known, independent brands are cruelty-free, but the majority of them have been bought out by parent companies that still use and encourage animal testing for the sake of research. By continuing animal testing and buying out cruelty-free brands, people who consume these products are swindled into indirectly supporting companies that use animal testing. We, as conscious consumers, believe that it is time to make a change. By signing this petition, you are not only pledging to use cruelty-free cosmetics, but you are taking a stand by saying that you do not agree with companies who use animal testing and will no longer support them financially. 

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