Nothing About Us Without Us - Unf*ck the NDIS!

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The NDIS is being cut, capped and rationed even before it rolls out across Australia.

A week ago, the NDIA 'accidentally' uploaded a document that announced changes to the list of people who would be considered automatically eligible.

Under List A – the conditions guaranteeing automatic access to the NDIS – level two autism was removed, despite people with this diagnosis 'requiring substantial support'.

In the ensuing uproar by autistic people, their parents and other stakeholders, the NDIA hurriedly replaced the original document.

Today, on a Saturday, the NDIA tweeted that they would now require disabled people to comply with tightened eligibility requirements - including having access to a current diagnosis by a specialist who the person has been seeing for at least six months.

Many adult autistics and other disabled people who are adults have no access to specialists and have only their original reports.  New assessments cost thousands and many do not go to doctors and specialists because half of all of us live in poverty.  Most people do not go to a doctor if they are not sick - and not all disabled people are sick.

This is just another example of a change that will disproportionately affect us.

We want certainty that they will not cap or limit or narrow the entry criteria for this scheme by changing internal rules without any consultation, negotiation or consensus. 

We want a commitment by the NDIA and the Federal government to be transparent and accountable in all decision making by the NDIA.  That includes making important decisions around changes to eligibility, reasonable and necessary criteria and mechanisms to assign support to disabled people. 

We also want to know where their co-design policy is - the reason they are getting it wrong is that we are not involved in making it right - nothing about us without us!

We fought for this scheme to address the needs of disabled Australians and to give us the opportunities to become full members of society.  By implementing what is essentially a new medical model style 'service' of support, thousands of disabled Australians will be worse off than other Australians and the system we have invested so much in will break even further. 

Disabled Australians need your help.  Unf*ck the NDIS and sign it now.