Unethical Housing Addendum: Washington State University 2020-2021

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WSU Revised Addendum

Hey guys! I would like to give a big thank you to everyone who shared and signed this petition. Also a big thank you to those who emailed the school with our concerns. Washington State University Mary Jo Gonzales, Vice President of Student Affairs sent out an email on July 7, 2020 stating that the addendum has been rewritten. 

Link to the revised addendum: https://housing.wsu.edu/housing-essentials/contracts-and-policies/residence-hall-contracts-and-policies/2020-2021-addendum-for-housing-contracts/

Without you guys, this wouldn't have happened. Thank you so much for helping me fight for whats right and voicing your concerns. 

Cynthia Tan

Cynthia Tan
4 months ago