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Unethical Business Practices of IT Hardware Industry in Visakhapatnam

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Respected Sirs and Madams,

I am writing this petition with lot of grief and unhappiness which is happening in Visakhapatnam's IT hardware industry. Me and my husband have started our entrepreneurial journey in this industry 3 years back under the name of M/s Aaditya Infozone. From then onwards, we have been facing many problems professionally which is leading disturbances and growth of our family. The disturbances have gone to such an extent that we are not able to provide proper education for our children and the health of mine and my husband have started deteoriarating.

The main problem which we are facing are payments from the dealers who are taking the stocks from us and not paying at all or on time. Above that they are either replying arrogantly or not at all responding. Due to this we are neither able to stabilize in the business nor expand it. The following are the firms where our payment got struck

1. Hi-Beam Infotech IT Solutions - Rs.31,800/- pending from 30.06.2015.

2. M V P Computers - Rs.1,36,882/- pending from 22.06.2016.

3. Jaithvi Enterprises - Rs.28,723/- pending from 02.06.2016.

4. Delta Computers - Rs.74,745/- pending from 31.03.2017.

5. G R Peripherals - Rs.10,270/- pending from 10.08.2016.

6. G R Computers - Rs.5,905/- pending from 09.02.2016.

We have proper documents(invoices) as proofs for the transactions which has taken place between us and the above dealers. But still, we could not do anything against these type of people.

And there are some other dealers who give payment only after going to their outlets atleast 20-30 times and 3-4 cheque bounces. We are surprised how their banks are accepting so many cheque bounces which may be around 2-3 per week. These dealers are least bothered about the cheque bounces and its legal implications.

We are writing this petition not only for us but on behalf of all the IT distributors in Visakhapatnam. The same maybe happening in other cities also. We are afraid how the future will be if we operate like this.

Seriously we are not aware whom to approach and guide us in handling these type of dealers. Just like Swachh Bharat can we have an initiative as Swachh Vyapaar?

Request your high dignitaries to look into this issue and provide a solution for us.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Pavitra Addepalli

Mobile No. 9542.006.007

Email Id:


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