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UNESCO should help us spread our #EasyWater #EasyEnergy non profit global #EguraProject

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Good morning, I am Prof. Elguezabal from LEA Foundation and its #EguraProject, a non profit project to produce water and energy from seawater and sun light at tropical and subtropical countries.
We need to invite most of the countries belonging to UNESCO with these descriptions: tropical & subtropical countries with universities' scientifical stations at the sea shore.
We plan to invite them trough UNESCO because this World institution gathers all countries we think that would be interested in hosting our Trails or experiments. Once a university gets involved in every tropical/subtropical country, we will launch the crowdfundings campaigns to fund the 1 year round Trials.

We have sent a PDF 'invitation Egura' to UNESCO headquarters without any answer yet, there are more details of this opportunity, please help us they can read it and help us spreading this good new to all over UNESCO members, including my 2 nationalities' countries (Spain & Venezuela, even if we have there already interested institutions). Please communicate this simple letter to all science & education ministries of each UNESCO country member.

Thank you very much for your help

 Kind regards

 Dr. Mikel de Elguezabal Méndez

spanish ID 73492846A

venezuelan ID 13773219

 phone: 0034 601312297

 Pamplona, Navarre

January, 11, 2018


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