UNESCO: Save the Rock-Hewn churches of Lalibela

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The eleven Lalibela rock hewn churches are one of the magnificent historical sites, built from a single rock, during the 12th century, in the northern part of Ethiopia. UNESCO registered the site as one of the world heritage spots.  However, the shelter erected over the churches with the aim of preservation is so massive which is now causing a threat of destruction of some of the beautiful churches. Unless some urgent measures are taken, we are going to lose one of the best manifestations of our civilization. The cost of mentainance and the expertise required to do so is beyond the capacity of the local people. It requires special intervention from the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the International community. The intervention should be made to the earliest time possible and with utmost care. Local people are crying for years, and the situation is neglected by the respective officials despite they are being persistently informed by various methods. I am petitioning this to remind all the stake holders to help us to save one of our precious religious and cultural heritages.