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Kosovo in UNESCO for guaranteed protection of its rich and diverse cultural heritage

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The international community should support Kosovo in its efforts towards integration. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation in its 70th anniversary could make a change and break the isolation of Kosovo, and allow this young country to access more opportunities and engage in exchange with the rest of the world. Kosovo in UNESCO means protection of its rich heritage and cultural diversity.

Since ancient times, Kosovo has been a crossroads of the Balkans, where the great religious and cultural currents of the Mediterranean world have met and interacted with each other and with rich indigenous traditions. These cultural interactions have given Kosovo a remarkable legacy, including a still thriving, 600-year-old European Islamic tradition, a part of its heritage that deserves to be better known. The oldest Islamic sites in Kosovo are linked to the memory of Sari Saltuk Baba (d. 1298), a legendary Sufi master from Anatolia, who, accompanied by a group of this dervishes, traveled and preached Islam in the region a century before the arrival of the Ottomans. However, the first major monuments of Islamic religious architecture in Kosovo are connected with the establishment of Ottoman rule in Kosovo in the 1400s....

Lived environments, local artifacts and buildings in Kosovo have survived through centuries of warfare, changes in political leadership, religions, shifting cultural meanings, personal associations and notions of national identities. However, even when the heritage is still present, their meaning may still be lost forever if the knowledge embodied in them is not preserved and transmitted from generation to generation.

This is where cooperation with UNESCO is valued as a sine qua non for safeguarding our heritage; on the one hand to preserve important heritage in general, but on the other, to create a space for the creation of a new sense of common identity and shared history amongst individuals them- selves. Heritage is made up of local stories, which together make the history of the world.


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