A unified African Nationality

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A united Africa is stronger....as goes the saying 'United we stand,divided we fall'....Americans from Boston,Massachusetts or New York have American Nationality.Same from Indians from Jaipur,Rajasthan or other parts of India.....What about Africa?

Let's unite to reach decision makers in order to go forward with setting-up the African Nationality.. A unified one...We can start by a logo co-opetition(Judges can be the AU  or any other stakeholders) and move forward with this proposal.

Short-term vision : Unified African Nationality

Medium term : Unified Currency or Crypto currency(Already underway : Type nomni on instagram)

Long term : Inter-country trade

Shall we?

Suggestions welcomed : Africanationality@gmail.com

Pre-launch would include #africanstories whereby each and every African brothers and sisters can share a picture of themselves or simply use thee hashtag to promote themselves and their stories..with simple words/phrases...A tweaked version of " Humans of New York "

Africa is more than a stereotype.