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Don’t move warfare range to protected lands

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The US Navy is requesting a permit to practice Electromagnetic Warfare in public lands of Washington State.  The Range would include airspace of Olympic National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Olympic National Forest, and Olympic National Marine Sanctuary. 

We request the US Forest Service DENY the permit. These priceless sanctuaries, which belong to the people, MUST be protected.  

This region provides refuge for more than 29 species of marine mammals, including migrating Grey whales, and two species on the brink of extinction, the marbled murrelet and the northern spotted owl, who thrive only in quiet old-growth forests. No studies have been done on what the noise would do to wildlife.

The permit would allow squadrons of extremely loud Electronic Attack Growler jets to fly as low as 1200 feet for 8-16 hours/day directly over their habitat. The deafening noise would destroy the serenity and wilderness experience for millions of visitors to Olympic National Park, designated the “quietest place” in America. 

Each Growler carries thousands of gallons of highly flammable fuel. A crash would be catastrophic, as unprecedented drought has made the Park’s ancient temperate rain forests extremely vulnerable to fire. 

 The permit would allow the Range to accommodate “all future training needs”, including the jamming of signals. Electronic attack radar jamming would shoot down into the landscape, subjecting people and wildlife to undisclosed levels of electromagnetic radiation. Current science reveals that even low levels of man-made electromagnetic radiation are harmful to many biological processes. 

The US military already has millions of acres of barren lands set aside for dangerous weapon testing and training. The Navy currently trains at Mountain Home, Idaho, a 20-minute commute for pilots.  Navy officials say that Olympic Peninsula is wanted for “efficiency”.

It is unconscionable that the US government would subject citizens to harmful electromagnetic radiation and jet noise without their informed consent. These priceless sanctuaries must be fiercely protected from this dangerous military use.

A worldwide public outcry is needed to prevent this impending tragedy.  Time is of the essence!  Please sign this petition andshare it widely using social media. Thank you.

Short video of the crisis:

WHY HERE? Navy Commander who trains pilots says “efficiency”:


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