Accommodation for Religious Observances at the University of Washington

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It seems as if Eid comes as a surprise to faculty each year.

Eid is the religious holiday and celebration that marks the end of Ramadan. Muslim students across the University of Washington-Seattle campus annually resort to the sacrification of their religious and cultural celebrations for the sake of not being accommodated for religious observances. Currently, 1.8 billion Muslims around the world and a vast population of students at UW are observing the month of Ramadan and plan to celebrate Eid. Eid's date is determined by the Lunar calendar, which depends on the moon sighting the night before. This places an entire population of Muslim students in a troubled position when requesting for the accommodation of multiple days for Eid when professors are not aware of the religious observance themselves. Students often face backlash because the uncertainty presented to professors for accommodation may act as an inconvenience to the professor, which stems from a lack of basic religious knowledge.

Each year, Muslims continue to face the unwillingness for others to accommodate us due to willful ignorance, provincialism, lack of education and/or a lack of compassion towards Ramadan and Eid.

On behalf of the Muslim population attending the University of Washington, we humbly request for the education of religious observances to all educators, TA’s, and peer advisors in order to provide the best, most equitable education and college experience for all students. We are hopeful this petition will eliminate hostility and intolerance for our important differences and further our effort to strive towards collective religious and cultural relativism, reflexivity, and equitable rationalization.

We would not want for any incoming student from any religious background to face such circumstances as we have been faced with. With the cooperation from each individual, we are capable of change! By signing this petition, YOU are demonstrating your right to voice your opinion in support for students with religious observances seen as an inconvenience to faculty and for the institution of UW to provide an environment that supports all students in religious, social, and political endeavors in and beyond the classroom!