Bringing back a little girl to her mother

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my name is Enas Ahmed I work as a health science  teacher in United Arab Emirates on august 2018  while I was spending my yearly vacation in Jordan ,my husband and his father hide my child for 8 days without enabling me to contact or see her by moving into a different provinces in Jordan within those eight days I applied an urgent joining request in the court I got an approval to take back my child his father refrain from giving me the child until I wear Hijab and accused me of renouncing Islam and blasphemy in front of too many people like my first degree social circle and in front of judges as well.

The legal duration for delivery of my child is 7 days with possibility of appeal within the first three days my husband banned my child from traveling I did banning as well for the sake of not taking the child to a very far country which is something that usually occurs ,I left the banning removal papers with my private lawyer in Jordan but to guarantee first that her father should unblock her travel ,he refused to remove the block even .

I work outside Jordan since 2012 I had to come back to my work on 26th august I compulsively flayed  to rejoin my job and my baby stayed at my moms home ,my husband left the place where  we both work  to Jordan to  exert a pressure on me by taking the child again by the Governor although he has no authority to deliver the child and this is the court's job only !!!.

leaving my job and wear Hijab as a primary conditions to take my child back.

since 5 months my baby stays at her fathers family home I'm banned completely from contacting her they prevent any type of communication between me and her,no phone calls or video calls ,the judicial divorce path is processing but my child has to be with me since I'm the first care provider for her by all rituals and regulations and religions as well .

I have been exposed to many pressure tools which tried to target my mental stability to implement their conditions the worst of them is taking my child to a mosque and asking her to announce the Islam testimony in front of men in the mosque to elicit my anger and change the case into a religious one which something has not happened  . 

I'm writing this to clarify that I'm supporting my child's basic  right to be with her first attachment figure which is something that she cant do or express as well for each child who is experiencing these similar circumstances worldwide  ,I also affirm  my freedom of speech ,and what to wear for any human  without any compulsion by other  human being . 

the plan is to rob all the right for me including : my daughter , my career , my good reputation and my life safety by practicing the religious incitement, my baby is not safe there without me she is exposed to child abuse by using her in a very humiliating role play that she doesn't even understand .

my issue is every child's and woman's it targets a very crucial population overall-the world especially in the developing countries .

your signature to this petition could make a difference in changing the common stereotypes and paternalism that targets women and bring my baby back to me .

your signature matters  .