Fire Mike Adams from UNCW

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Mike Adams is a professor of criminology and sociology at the university of North Carolina Wilmington. Adams has a history of spewing misogynistic, xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic, racist rhetoric. In 2016, he wrote an article outing a young woman, using her full name, and mocked her sexuality and religion. Adams's followers sent death threats to the student, who then decided to transfer schools. It is now 2020, and Mike Adams is STILL EMPLOYED by UNCW and is continuing to spout hateful, divisive rhetoric across his various social media platforms.

In a recent email from the university with regard to current events in the wake of George Floyd's death, Chancellor Sarterelli stated:

"I cannot say I’ve walked in those shoes, but what I can do is commit to you that our campus will not tolerate acts of violence or discrimination. We will do our best to meet our students and employees in the space where they exist, and offer whatever support we can to fortify their path. As an institution, we have not just the opportunity but the moral obligation to stand up against acts of hatred and violence."

If this is indeed true, then why is Mike Adams still employed at this university? To quote the Chancellor's own words back to him, "empty words will not suffice...I believe we must unite in terms of creating solutions and offering support, protection and a safe place, literally and figuratively, when our fellow human beings are marginalized and attacked for their color, orientation, or beliefs."

We demand that Mike Adams be fired from our university as he has no place on this campus and he never has. It is despicable and inexcusable that he has continued to be employed for so long despite being such a threatening presence to students that do not share his beliefs. He has also been sharing emails sent to the Chancellor requesting the termination of his employment on his personal social media pages, including names and email addresses of these people and in some instances telling his followers to reply to them. This is the definition of unacceptable behavior.

Is this reflective of the kind of people you support, UNCW? Because if so, then you are not the inclusive, welcoming university that you claim to be in your emails. Yes, he has the freedom of speech - but you, as a university, are endorsing his comments by continuing to employ him. Is this what you want to be remembered for? A university that preaches inclusion, but forces its students to tolerate being taught by racist, hateful professors? Rather than spouting empty words as you told your students not to do, STEP UP and FIRE this man. 


Here is a link to an article he wrote about the incident in 2016:

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