Remove Mike Adams from UNCW

I've been keeping relatively silent about the Mike Adams drama because every time I see his name in my news feed, I am transported right back to spring of 2015 when he harassed and ridiculed me and my group of friends. My experience does not measure up to the trauma other students have faced by him, but it is still another story about the evilness of this "professor". In 2015 the Genocide awareness project came to UNCW. This illogical fear mongering organization set up their tall posters of graphic manipulated images of miscarriages (claiming them to be abortions) and comparing it to the Holocaust. I decided to peacefully protest the organization. I was interviewed by two different networks and made the Wilmington news. This was the beginning of my story with Mike Adams. He posted the videos on his facebook page, mocking me and my actions. He made a facebook status connected to the video saying "The mortality rate for people who disagree with me is 100%. So nod along or face the consequences". I was horrified that a professor could say something like this. A group of 100 students set up a meeting with higher ups at UNCW begging for help. We printed out articles of his harassment towards LGBTQ, multiple religions, and women. They told us his actions did not count as harassment, even though we felt harassed, it didn't violate their harassment policy. I went on the news again to express my anger that this professor could get away with this violent hateful rhetoric. He posted my video again, this time his followers claimed I was obsessed with Adams and was in love with him. I eventually lost my will to fight after over 100 of us staged a protest sit-in at the Chancellors office and was faced with the same conclusion. Nothing could be done. This professor was more important than the well-being of numerous students. He went too far then, and after his recent article outing and harassing a student by name, causing her so much pain and torment that she is now transferring, he has gone further than I ever thought imaginable. UNCW I am ashamed. Truly.

Mikaela Fleming, Los Angeles, CA, United States
4 years ago
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