Hold the UNC Interfraternity Council Accountable

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Allison W.
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On February 16th, 2020, David B. Hagan informed an intentionally all male audience at an Interfraternity Council (IFC) event that “there is nothing worse than a dry snatch.” The IFC invited David B. Hagan to this event to speak about mental health in fraternities. The IFC is the governing body of the 27 IFC fraternities at UNC, acting as UNC’s largest all male organization. The chorus of laughter that followed David Hagan’s comment silenced the pain of nearly half of women at UNC. According to a 2019 survey through the Association of American Universities, nearly 50 percent of women have experienced non-consensual sexual touching or penetration during college. This statistic does not speak for the nearly 26 percent of undergraduate trans men or women, genderqueer, or non-binary folks who reported the same form of sexual violence in the survey.

The IFC has failed to release a public statement regarding the implications and problematic nature of this event. We are disappointed in its complacency. As the largest all-male organization on campus, the IFC should honor its power and responsibility in shaping the narrative around sexual assault and violence on our campus. We demand that David Hagan, as well as each IFC man in that room who found humor in someone’s pain, be held accountable for their actions. Our demands for accountability are listed below:

1.) Public statements about David Hagan’s event posted on social media including IFC’s website, Facebook, and Instagram. This statement should include: 
- Statement of what happened 
- Condemnation of David Hagan and his speech
- Clear support for survivors and acknowledgment of impact
- Discussion on the implications of being a bystander/complacent
- Commitment to violence prevention trainings/workshops 
- Though some violence trainings are already mandated, many fraternity men simply sign up and don’t attend.

2.) We ask for a commitment to violence prevention training through organizations including, but not limited to:
- Healthy Heels Awareness (HHA)
- Orange County Rape Crisis Center 
- One Act/HAVEN Training  
- Student Wellness
- Student Government Implicit Bias Training

3.) Re-adjustment of accountability measures for not attending training or engaging in violence prevention (currently all accountability measures are internal mandates which are either not enforced or practiced with a small fine). 

4.) Accountability for the over 900 IFC members who attended the event including a conversation about the implications of their actions and normalizing violence

5.) Public apology to Memorial Hall staff for exposing them to triggering content

David Hagan’s speech is a symptom of a greater system of misogyny and white male privilege. IFC’s silence in acknowledging this symptom, and its failure to address the root of these concerns, validates harmful messages about sexual assault and rape. Amidst COVID-19, we understand that these are trying times for UNC—however, we urge the IFC and the greater UNC community to lean into the pain of others as we learn to heal together. We call on the IFC to not disempower themselves in this conversation, but instead acknowledge and engage in their immense capacity to foster a more healthy, safe community at UNC.