UNC Chapel Hill and BOG: Reduce Graduate School Tuition due to IMPACTS of Covid-19

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Due to Covid-19, access to campus resources and facilities have been severely restricted, limited, and/or eliminated, yet individual students are still required to full tuition. Many campus buildings are closed and we are experiencing reduced instruction time due to the limitations of online learning both in our capacity to retain information and limited student-student and student-professor interactions. We have been forced to pursue more individualized learning while working towards achieving the same diversity of thought as we would have with in-person, experiential learning. The basic fact is that what we are receiving from the University during this pandemic does not achieve the standard upon which our tuition is based.

We ask that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Board of Governors TAKE ACTION to reduce the tuition of graduate students based on these reductions in capacity, capability, and services offered.