Petition Update

Meeting with UNC VP Tuesday of this week. After the meeting concluded...

Hayleigh Perez
Raeford, NC

Oct 20, 2012 — we stood on the front steps and the VP came bursting through the front door with an article published on FOXNEWS.COM in hand and waved it around irately and yelled at Jason and myself. This display of unprofessional behavior is something I find displayed often through my experiences and others accounts with the UNC school system. The Student Veterans Advocacy Group to include myself has requested a meeting with the UNC Board of Governors for next week. It is my hope that we together can implement a system for determining residency at a standard location for all campuses within the school system to insure that the General Statutes are upheld and not interpreted in a “gray” manner (as stated in our meeting by UNC staff). I would also like to see those who treat student Veterans and/or their dependents in an unprofessional or unequal manner be held accountable. I will continue to fight the good fight, not for myself but for all Veterans and their dependents. Thank you for the support!

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