Decision Maker Response

Amy Fennebresque Burleson’s response

Amy Fennebresque Burleson
UNC System Board of Governors

Jan 26, 2015 — My father, John Fennebresque, is passionate about The University of North Carolina system. He has worked tirelessly to do what he thinks is best for the system. He donates his time, energy and money on a regular basis and has for decades. He and my mother attended UNC, three of his four children attended UNC, my husband was a Morehead Scholar and my brother in law attended NC State. Dad is working 50 plus hours a week for the System for FREE because he cares. He cares about the citizens of North Carolina, the students and teachers in the system and the leadership on every campus. His decisions are not political at all. To say so is lazy and trouble causing. Dad wants what is best for the system....bottom line and full stop. He likes Tom Ross. They are friends. The system needs a fresh start. No right wing conspiracy. Just a change. To say anything else hurts the system and my father will not do that. He cares more about North Carolina than anyone I know. I hope all of the people sending him hate mail will realize this. He is a man who is doing the best he can for our state and for that I am grateful. He also happens to be the best Dad and Grandfather ever. North Carolina is blessed to have him as a public servant.

When watching the press conference, I hope you will keep the following in mind. The days leading up to the press conference were quite difficult for our family. My mother was in the hospital and Dad was either in the hospital or commuting to Chapel Hill. He had basically not eaten or slept a full night sleep in days.

My Dad is honest, fair and is doing his best to support The University of North Carolina system. Nobody I know cares about it more.

Amy Fennebresque Burleson