Unblock Wikipedia at Magdalene Catholic High School

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Wikipedia is the world's largest collection of human knowledge. It is an extremely useful tool for quickly finding information on almost anything you can imagine. The information is reliably referenced and vandalism is promptly removed.

Despite this, there is a common belief that Wikipedia is not trustworthy site for academic research, because it can be edited by anyone.

This doesn't mean the site should be blocked. As students, easy access to such a large database of free, easy to consume information should be our right. We are petitioning the staff at Magdalene Catholic High School to remove the block on Wikipedia through the school's internet.

There have been incidents in the past involving vandalism of the Magdalene Wikipedia page that may have led to the site getting blocked.

We think the school should seek other methods of prevention, such as IP Blocking, or blocking only that specific page, over total restriction for everyone. It isn't worth it, nor is it fair, to take away such a valuable tool from hundreds of people because a few misused it. If someone really wanted to, they could still vandalise the Magdalene wikipedia page from home, or by connecting to their personal hotspot at school. What is being achieved by blocking it?

(Change.org may ask you to donate money to the petition. This is out of our control, but please don’t. We don’t need any monetary support.)