Unban Mitrass's Channel


Unban Mitrass's Channel

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Started by Tegu Blog

Fellow content creator and friend of mine, Mitrass, has recently had his YouTube channel banned.

Shortly after reaching 1k subscribers, his account was terminated by a bot "due to repeated or severe violations of [YouTube's] Community Guidelines on Nudity and Sexual Content."

However, we feel that this is an unjust action on YouTube's part because at no point whatsoever did Mitrass post anything including nudity or actual intercourse on his channel. 

In fact, the only questionable content was from artist Daebom (also found on YouTube), Mitrass had used footage from his videos with consent from Daebom to make funny edits. 

To further explain the depth of this injustice, the footage that belongs to Daebom can also be found on his YouTube channel, some videos even being monetized. 

To add further insult to injury, Mitrass was terminated virtually without warning. The only sign of things to come was when one of his videos got age-restricted (despite Daebom's source video still being monetized), yet YouTube claims to have given several warnings.

As the person who made about half of his video thumbnails, I find it insulting to have this work taken down. In fact, one of my designs features in big lettering, "Cease the Horni [sic]", which was supposed to get the point across that the videos were poking fun at existing lewd content.

After fruitless attempts by Mitrass and I to try to reach out to an actual YouTube staff member and explain properly why we think the ban was unfair, we have been left with no choice but to reach out to the public. 

The goal here is to restore his channel and monetization, because this was right when he was going to be able to profit from his channel, then his entire community was deleted. So we are aiming to get the attention of YouTube and get Mitrass his channel back, and hopefully even bring to light how woefully broken the YouTube program is.

Please spread the word so that hopefully my boy can return to his amazing videos!


This petition made change with 24 supporters!

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