The Iranian people suffering from Coronavirus; Lift All Medical Sanctions Now

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This petition is a formal request to the Secretary-General of the United Nations & Director-General of the World Health Organization & The IMF's managing director & World Bank Group Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer & The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights & WHO Regional Office for Europe & European Union Minister for Foreign Affairs to take immediate action to stop the ongoing medical sanctions against Iran to combat COVID-19 and save innocent lives. To respectfully urge the UN and WHO:

As you are aware, COVID-19 has placed the world in a dangerous pandemic. On January 31st, the World Health Organization declared a global health emergency. It seems the world at the current moment is dealing with just the tip of the iceberg as forecasts from global institutions indicate a high probability of the spread of the virus, if immediate action is not taken. Reports from Iran suggest that the country has been severely hit with COVID-19. Dozens of people have been infected and the number is on the rise. The risk, however, is not only due to COVID-19, but also in the severe sanctions, including medical ones imposed on the country. Therefore, there is an imminent risk of a shortage crisis of medical supplies, products, and equipment required for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. The high and dense population of the country (more than eighty million) bordering fifteen countries makes such a prediction more reasonable.

Therefore, we sincerely seek the urgent attention of the UN and WHO and EU for lifting all sanctions that, in one way or another, may have adverse impacts on the process of dealing with COVID-19. It includes the immediate lifting of all sanctions on healthcare products, medicine, medical laboratory kits, and equipment.

Moreover, the ability of Iranian citizens living abroad to send humanitarian aid to their fellow citizens has been impaired significantly and it has become impossible under current circumstances unless a banking channel and route is created for sending donations.

Health, hygiene, and access to medical care are fundamental human rights regardless of race, religion and nationality. And any political differences should not matter in the global decision-making process with regards to fundamental human rights such as healthcare.

Any delay in lifting sanctions that may directly or indirectly affect the healthcare system and day to day life in the country will increase the death toll significantly. As such, humanity demands action today; otherwise, vulnerable and innocent people will pay a high price. Therefore, it is our human duty to take the action immediately and not to carry over the tragic consequences. Again, we urge you to take all necessary actions to lift the sanctions or any restrictions and create a banking channel for sending donations to the people in Iran and a designated shipping route for sending medical and humanitarian aid to prevent the growing outbreak of COVID-19 in Iran.

UPDATE  December 2020:
Good news - there is a vaccine
Bad news - after struggling with COVID-19 for 10 months and tens of thousands of victims, even now Iranians cannot purchase the required vaccine due to unethical United States sanctions against Iran.
Is it still not the time to stop this tragedy?

If you do not want to sign this petition, please do what you can to lift sanctions against Iranian people. No person should be denied medical treatment because of the borders they were born in.