#PeopleOverProfit: Waive Patents Over Vaccines

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US waives patents

Good morning dear supporters, Thank you so much for signing my petition. It means the world to me. It is a usual weekday morning here, yes we are all working from home. But I woke up to some good news. Ambassador Katherine Tai the 19th United States Trade Representative made an announcement the US has agreed to waive IPR on Covid Vaccines. You can read the statement online, the media is reporting on it. This move is a step in the right direction. India’s number of Covid positives stood over 21 million, and over 2 lakh people have lost their lives. While we Indians go on a lockdown mode, this is just a temporary solution. Along with lockdown, it is important to increase our vaccination drive multifold, as mentioned by Dr Anthony Fauci Whitehouse’s Chief Medical Adviser in a recent media interview, “First of all right now, they should start getting as many people vaccinated as they possibly can, with both the vaccines that they develop themselves in India as well as supplies of vaccines that they may be able to procure from other suppliers, be that the United States, be that Russia… whatever country is willing whenever companies are willing to supply vaccine.” AUTO RESPONSE FROM UKI have also reached out to the Presidents and PMs of other countries. I received an email from UK PM Boris Johnson's office. Here is the abridged version: _Thank you for your email. This is an automatic reply to confirm that your email has been received. Please note that I am currently receiving a large volume of correspondence from constituents with specific concerns about Coronavirus (Covid-19) and my office are prioritising those constituents in the most urgent need.Covid-19 rules, guidance and support can be found at: "www dot gov dot uk forward slash coronavirus" (edited)_ If you are contacting me as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, please resend your correspondence via the Number 10 contact form: email dot number 10 dot gov dot uk Yours sincerely, The Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP_ CALL TO ACTION: NEXT STEP FOR PETITION SUPPORTERS So my dear petition signers, please continue to spread the word about our demands and let us wait for the other countries to make similar announcements. Kindly share this petition on WhatsApp by copy-pasting the following content in your WhatsApp groups The need of the hour is for 2 doses of the COVID vaccine to be made available immediately for every person in India and on earth. Sadly, the companies currently producing them cannot meet this demand and only they have the license to make it. Adar Poonawalla fled to the UK because there was too much pressure on him. Let's put pressure on Western countries to waive the patents on vaccines so that more companies can produce them faster and millions of people can have quicker access to cheaper doses. US finally agreed, but others haven't. Sign and share change.org/PeopleOverProfit Thank you,Shilpashree

Shilpashree Jagannathan and Prof Seema Mishra
1 year ago