Transitional Justice and Enforcing Rome Statute is The Key to Solve Afghanistan War

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The history of Afghanistan war happened in a long time and still, in this present day, it’s still ongoing and the crime against humanity in this war increases. A group called Taliban has already control most of the Afghanistan since 1996. For this reason, in September 2001 nearly 3,000 thousand people were attack during the 9/11 terrorist attack. It leads the US to believe that behind the attack is Osama Bin Laden, which is the head of Al-Qaeda. So, the US pressure Afghanistan to hand over Osama Bin Laden, but the Taliban who were in control did not obey it, this causes US to begin bombing Afghanistan in October 2001 and they targeted Taliban along with the Al-Qaeda fighters. Then, in November the northern alliance took control on the Afghanistan capital and all Talibans were driven out of the capital, though since this incident Afghanistan remains a dangerous place.

We suggest that Rome Statute needs to be enforced to make sure that the discussion process is done openly by also inviting the United Nation and other neutral countries to take part in the peacebuilding process. Rome statute is the key because it can support the application of transitional justice which makes sure that 4 approaches such as:

·      Criminal Prosecutions for at least the most responsible for the most serious crimes

·       Truth-Seeking processes into human rights violations by non-judicial bodies. These can be varied but often look not only at events, but their causes and impacts.

·       Reparations for human rights violations taking a variety of forms: individual (trauma healing), collective (public hearing), material (rebuild public services) and symbolic.

·       Reform of laws and institutions including the police, judiciary, military and military intelligence.

             To push this proposed solution, an act of spreading awareness about the importance about Rome Statute and which articles of Rome Statute is broken must be done. The four approaches above must be emphasized so that everyone knows that what the Taliban are doing in Afghanistan is wrong. A neutral party must be found so that the civilized discussion is done correctly and the result from that discussion is not biased. The discussion must also be open so that the citizens and both parties agree on the solution.