GDP revisions must include Wellbeing and Ecological Biodiversity

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  • Restore our Ecological Biodiversity
  • Reverse Climate Change
  • Redistribute Global Wealth

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has not been healthy for people and planet.  We applaud the UN Statistical Division's recent announcement for revising GDP to include ecosystem services. Our goal is to ensure that changes to our National Accounting System include Wellbeing and Ecological Biodiversity.

Millions of years of evolution has created an ecosystem of mutual interactions, not "survival of the fittest." Our planet thrives with mutual aid, and as we see again and again, being the strongest never guarantees our survival; rather the inverse is true, as power and greed has only hastened collapse and extinction.

Economies should measure our interactions with people and the environment. Conservation efforts need to resist ecosystem services that prioritize militarization and privatization. Restoration of our ecological biodiversity and climate belongs to the People, and should not primarily be for the financial benefit of corporate conservation regimes.