End the brutal massacre in Sudan

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Dear Honorable Commissioners,

I am starting this petition to seek attention from helpful organisations, among many, yours to the atrocious crisis that has sprung in Sudan. I am a high school student merely trying to speak up on behalf of  the oppressed and the needy. You might already know about the massacre taking place in thanks to the social uproar. However, not much action is taking place to help those in desperate need.

The Sudanese Government has denied it's citizens' rights of assembly, expression and the right to protest the government’s political and economic policies. As they refuse to take action, we seek for help for those who can change what takes place and has the power to do so. As a human being, I believe that by raising my voice, I can make a tremendous change because no matter how effective it is, Every voice matters. 

I, and many other people wanting to raise their voices to make a change, urge you to demand the Sudanese Government to refrain from the use of militias, live ammunition and excessive use of force against peaceful protesters. 


The whole world.