A real investigation into the 'chemical attack' in Syria.

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The problem at hand

The potential we as citizens of this planet Earth have are clouded by the minds of those who we have elected to govern our countries and keep us safe. Fake news has been a major problem in the past few years, but now it is a matter of national security with major nations hurrying to lay blame over an apparent chemical attack on the 4th of April in the Syrian city of Douma, the only evidence being a video of a hospital with apparent victims of this attack. The reality is that this video could easily have been staged by rebel groups - or perhaps there was a chemical agent involved but it was implemented by said rebel groups in Syria which have been losing ground fast to the Syrian military and are desperate to even the playing field, so to speak.

How it impacts us

I am 15. I want to live a long and peaceful life and I want a secure future for any children I may have later in life. However, I want this not only for myself, but for my friends, family, fellow country men and finally - every single man, woman and child on this Earth, no matter their nationality, gender, sexuality, wage or standard of living, everyone deserves a chance, and that is a chance that could well be robbed from us by a doomsday scenario that could so easily sprout from this event. I ask for a fair investigation of the site, with untampered results released to the public. No matter what is found I, and I'm sure many others, call for a reasonable response, rather than the current option of war. Please, help me - help the world.