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Remove Junaid Qureshi [Son of Hijacker Hashim Qureshi] From the United Nations

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Remove Junaid Qureshi [Son of Hijacker Hashim Qureshi] From the United Nations.

He DOES NOT Represent the People of Kashmir.

We the people of Kashmir state that Junaid Qureshi does not represent our aims and aspirations for our country. Junaid Qureshi is the son of Hijacker Hashim Qureshi. Mr Junaid Qureshi has repeatedly appeared at the United Nations over the years claiming he represents wishes of the people of Kashmir. It is indeed curious how Mr Qureshi was allowed to speak in the United Nations in 2016 and 2017 [link]

He has no popular mandate from the people of  Kashmir. When the  people of Kashmir learnt about his representation in the United Nations, they were outraged and  shocked as they did not even know of him..  They expressed their sentiments by rejecting  him  on all social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

On a brief general survey recently, 89% state that Junaid Qureshi does not represent Kashmir. See poll.

The United Nations has made no checks or declarations of his history or his current position. There is no declaration of his potential conflicts of interest in relation to his father’s disturbing past. The United Nations have not confirmed or denied whether Mr Junaid Qureshi is a paid agent for India or not nor have they publicized his father’s past.  This is despite the United Nations position that they do not support terrorism yet basic checks are not carried out before potentially placing the vulnerable people of Kashmir under risk.

By way of information for the public around the world, we list Junaid Qureshi’s conflicts of interest in relation to his father. We are compelled to do the job the United Nations has failed in.

The BBC reported “Mr Qureshi was tried in Pakistan on hijacking charges and spent over nine years in prison there”

The Hindu reported as follows:

“Old intelligence hands, however, have mixed memories of him. Mr. Qureshi began his career as an ``informer'' for the Border Security Force; but somewhere in the 1969-1970 period his loyalty was suborned by the Pakistani agencies. Till he took part in the hijacking in 1971, he worked as a perfect ``double agent''. The hijacking of the Indian Airlines plane was promptly and shrewdly used by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister, to ban Pakistan's flights over India, a ban that complicated Pakistan efforts to curb insurgency in the eastern wing; this prompted many within the Pakistani security establishment to question Mr. Qureshi's credentials as an ``asset''. He was eventually arrested in Pakistan and tried as an Indian ``plant''.For the last 15 years Mr. Qureshi has been living, rather comfortably, in Amsterdam. Seasoned intelligence hands believe that during this time he must have been contacted by a number of`agencies''. 

The book Mission RAW by a retired intelligence officer  listed as follows 

On Fokker Hijacking in Srinagar Page 227:

“There was an agent of R&AW-Hashim Qureshi in Srinagar.......R&AW persuaded Hashim Qureshi to work for them.....After the plan was given final shape, on January 30, 1971, Hashim Qureshi along with another operative Ashraf Qureshi, his relative, was allowed to hijack a Fokker Friendship plane Ganga of Indian Airlines with 26 passengers on board, to take the plane to Lahore airport. R&AW allowed him to carry a grenade and a toy pistol inside the plane. Pakisani authorities at Lahore airport allowed the plane to land when they were informed that it had been hijacked by National Liberation Front activist militants of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. All India Radio soon made broadcast of this hijacking and the whole world was informed that the Pakistan Government was behind this hijacking...The incident overtly gave India the right opportunity which was planned by R.N. Kao, to cancel the flights of Pakistan over its territory which hampered the plans of Yahya Khan to send its troops by air to curb the political movement of Mujib in East Pakistan” .

This was subject to litigation but the results are yet not known. 

Further references to Hashim Qureshi appears in retired RAW Agent Dulat’s book

Given the above conflicts of interests and unanimous view that Junaid Qureshi does not represent the people of Kashmir, we ask the United Nations to strike out comments made by Mr Qureshi from the UN records for 2016 and 2017. 

If this is not possible, the United Nations must act to disclose his conflicts of interests to the general public.

 We also ask that the United Nations

1. Stop any representation made by Mr Junaid Qureshi.
2. We would ask that the Secretary General direct that the people of Kashmir send an Kashmir Advocacy group that does have the mandate to represent the wishes of the Kashmiri people.
3. We ask that the United Nations develop a policy to conflict check each individual and group representing a conflict zone and ensure they have a mandate to do so.

The  United Nations cannot be seen to support terrorism nor can it be seen to place vulnerable individuals  under serious threat by allowing biased and tainted speeches to influence United Nations policy. 

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