Investigate UNRWA spokesperson Chris Gunness for violating UNRWA's Mandate

Clearly Chris Gunness either could not prevent, or actually permitted Hamas to place weapons within UNRWA schools in Gaza. Obvious to any observer, these actions could and did result in the loss of life and limb by the very people he was to protect. At the very least, he is an negligent , ineffectual administrator or, at the other end of the spectrum, and more likely, a terrorist sympathizer and war criminal. Neither cast a very flattering light on UNRWA or the United Nations. Even without the other reprehensible actions outlined in this petition, based on this alone, Gunness should have been removed from his position more than a year ago; either suspended without pay pending an impartial investigation or permanently dismissed. Your lack of action lends much credence to the deduction that UNRWA is but a corrupt , terrorist (Hamas) controlled, puppet arm of an impotent paper tiger.
Yet, the UN demonizes Israel, which has done more than any other country to minimize civilian casualties on both sides.
For shame.

Linda Ramos, Valhalla, NY, United States
6 years ago
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