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Promote world unification (Unify all countries in the world together, and derive the United States of the World)

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Dear UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,


The world’s current political system, with separated countries, causes many problems to all of us, human beings. Among these problems, major ones concern with wars, troublesome international travelling, hatred among human beings, and sluggish global development. The only way to end these problems permanently is to unify all countries together. The unified world may be named “the World Nation”, “the United States of the World”, or “the World Union”. Unfortunately, United Nations and country leaders have never planned for such global unification. Without an effective campaign  for world unification, we can predict only a nuclear war someday.  


World unification is absolutely possible when most people in the world have realized that it is nonsense to separate countries and waste a lot of resources for protecting each country. Once the majority of human beings agreed that it is time to unify our world, we can develop a system of global governance. Stop wasting time and valuable things with world separation; we have to act now for world unification.


This petition is aimed to express majority agreement of the world people who want all countries to be unified. Therefore, we need over 5,000 million supporters to assure the rest that this request is truly from most people in the world.       


By submitting this petition to the UN Secretary-General, we would like to request for these immediate actions of UN:

1. Announce clearly to the governments of all existing countries that ‘world unification’ is a goal toward which UN is working.

2. Call countries leaders to attend a meeting for world unification planning.

3. Promote understanding to people around the world that we are all same human beings. Tribes, races, nations, etc are artificial.

4. Set two initial rules to be applied to all countries (or to be called World States): 1) Human beings must be able to cross any countries freely, without having to show any documents, and without requirement to pass through only border gates. 2) No World States shall have an army force or soldiers. Policemen are main people who keep peace in the societies. Army weapons shall no longer be produced. Existing weapons shall be modified and used for rural development projects.



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