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UN Assessment of the Integrity of the US Presidential Election 2016

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We, the undersigned citizens of the United States, understand that the UN Human Rights department is opposed to Donald Trump being our president. The majority of Americans, 63 million, are also opposed to his taking office. We are also aware that there is evidence of election fraud in key states.

Therefore we hereby request the United Nations to assess the integrity of our most recent election in cooperation with the US Department of Justice.

Every day, the media reveals more evidence that the 2016 Presidential election was unduly influenced by several factors: the intervention of a foreign power, anti-democratic partisan actions within our borders, and an undemocratic racist campaign of violence and hate.

1. Donald Trump's campaign had significant contact with officials in the Russian government:

2. In violation of the US Constitution, FBI Director James Comey leaked confidential investigative information to the public, revealing later that he was pressured to do so by partisan influences within the FBI with the specific purpose of undermining the Democratic candidate's campaign.

3. House speaker Paul Ryan has revealed that he purposefully sabotaged President Obama's health care plan in order to influence the election.

4. Leading up to the Republican election, many Republican-led states purposefully enacted voting laws to effectively disenfranchise many voters.

5. In addition, there is a puzzling discrepancy between the results of our exit polls and the election results.

There is evidence suggesting that in Wisconsin, (Outagamie County), 4 precincts have more votes for president than ballots cast. In Hortonville, more votes than regular voters. We fear that there may be many other instances of irregularities that affected the election outcome:

6. Our own government has reason to believe that Russia hacked voting machines in at least three key states:

We have also petitioned the Department of Justice and the Attorney general for an audit, recount and investigation of the election.

A great many of the 61 million Americans who voted for Secretary Clinton fear that domestic investigations may be compromised.

We urgently request the United Nations to immediately step in to assist the US Department of Justice to investigate the election process and any undue influences on the outcome.

We respectfully request that this intervention begin as soon as possible, before the deadline for the final vote count on December 13.

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