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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: Don't Turn Your Back on Women

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World Leaders Must Prioritize Funding for Contraceptives

For too long, the availability of contraceptives has been largely dependent on funding from donor countries. Now, the world is facing a contraceptive crisis as donors and countries fall short of their promises—a funding gap of at least $847 million.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon must convene world leaders to develop a plan of action to avert this crisis which threatens to put the health and wellbeing of thousands of women—and the success of the Sustainable Development Goals—at risk.

Global leaders and donors and countries must prioritize funding for contraceptives and the systems that deliver them on the global agenda. They must put in place a sustainable plan to prioritize this issue. This begins with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon highlighting the centrality of how providing accessible and high-quality contraceptives for all who need and want them is fundamental to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Access to contraception is transformative for women and communities. Giving women the means to prevent unintended pregnancy is critical to health, wealth and wellbeing. It is linked to greater gender equality, educational attainment and even economic development. Projections show that by 2020, 490 million women in more than 130 developing countries will be relying on modern methods of contraception. If the funding gap is not closed, the needs of these women will not be met and the Sustainable Development Goals will not be achieved. And, a failure to meet the contraceptive needs of women has the potential to derail progress already made.

We are urging UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to remind donors and governments that without investments in quality contraceptives, the Sustainable Development Goals will never be achieved.

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