Rename "Trash Isles" to "Plastic Beach"

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"As you read this, obscene amounts of plastic are making their way into the oceans – in total eight million tonnes a year or a rubbish truck full of plastic every minute. There is now so much of it, an area the size of France has formed in the Pacific Ocean."

But even worse is the fact that this land mass was named "Trash Isles" and not "Plastic Beach" after the the third studio album released by Gorillaz.

From the Gorillaz wiki the island is described as being "created after various discarded items floated in the ocean and stuck to one another to conglomerate into one large landmass in the Pacific, held together by "a sticky gloop of oil and tar from a million of untold disasters". " As you can see this description matches Trash Isles perfectly.

I believe that since the descriptions match that Trash Isles should be renamed to Plastic Beach in tribute to the album.