All Lives Matter! Stop the genocide on the Plateau, Nigeria!!

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I care about all lives because I am part of humanity. All lives matter to me. The death of one man, irrespective ethnicity or religion, is death of me. The pogrom and genocide has gone on for too long and is worsening. Cries, sobs, wailing and dirge have become the familiar sounds that remind us that another set of lives have been wasted in the most gruesome manner in this unending war against the aborigines of the Plateau. In this war there is no winners. Only losers in the end. We must end these senseless killings. We must work together builiding bridges and finding common grounds in the interest of our common future. That is what I will bring peace and make the Plateau blossom again as the Home of Peace and Tourism. The sounds and laughter of children playing in the streets will yet fill the moonlit skies over the Plateau. Community life will return and together we will flourish yet again. Together we shall defeat the agents of hate and division.