Relocate the UN and its Institutes to Africa by 2030.

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I am the Man of the World. I am Russian, but I am finishing high school in America. Because I am already admitted to the class of 2022 in American University with the Major in Diplomacy and International Relations, I would like, as a future Diplomat to start changing the World Today.

I am calling all the People of the World to support me.

I propose to move the Headquarters of United Nations and its institutes to Africa by 2030, so that new Sustainable Development Goals would be discussed and adopted in a place, where People need HELP the most.  

People of the World should be grateful to America for creating, adopting, and providing infrastructure to the UN in an uneasy Postwar World. For over 70 years United Nations Organization was a Useful Tool of fighting for Peace, Justice, Social Equality of all the People. However, in the Modern World, we should admit that the United Nations Organization should undergo transformation.

I believe that the Key Change of such transformation shall be - moving the United Nations to Africa.

 Sustainable Development Goals 2015-30, organizing new Revolutionary System of financing and attracting all possible resources, were designed to defeat problems most humiliating for the Humanity – hunger and lack of medical help. However, recently the World faced the unprecedented flow of refugees from Africa, caused by unending wars and hunger, diseases and people’s desolation.

So let’s take truly revolutionary actions!

Relocating United Nations organization to Africa would lead to improvement of roads and airport; hotels, restaurants, shops, service centers would be created for coming UN Delegations. African Countries would get complex investments to all spheres of economy, more working places would be created, and healthcare would improve; new technologies would help to improve agriculture.

It would be not just distribution of food and financial aid, but a reasonable investment to a better future. Wars and conflicts would disappear, since the main reason for war and conflicts on the Continent is a fight for scarce resources.

We shall quit trying to heal the “sickness” on distance. Problems shall be solved where they exist. Let’s put end to poverty, sickness, endless flows of refugees, wars and genocide. Let’s finally solve all the problems on African Continent.

All the People of Good Will should support such Solution. That’s why I am calling everyone to support my Petition.


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