make gender neutrality the true expression of a child s human right to gender expression

make gender neutrality the true expression of a child s human right to gender expression

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I’m J.





my pronouns are they.them and I do not have a gender




for the last five years I have been working hard to determine which decisions we would be able to make for ourselves as individuals and as a global community as a whole to make the most of our lives AND to truly face the eco-socio-environmental challenges of the future




a few days ago I was only beginning to get all this out there when I read on social media that Reese killed himself




he was constantly being bullied for being in a relationship with a transgender girl 




both digitally and in his neighborhood





as I was scrolling through horror and anger and despair I ended up being hit once again by this statistic




54% of the transgender kids who are rejected by their family commit suicide




that's more than one out of two




it awakened in me as a gender non conforming individual the deep urge to do something about the more general issue of suicidal behavior among all LGBTQ youth





something big and bold something 100% positive and completely shameless




because it is not shameful to care








I needed to come up with something




to find the beginning of a solution




I needed something that would help keep me hoping for a better future so that I may continue with my own life and projects




I needed to understand the source of this weapon of cruelty and hate





I wondered what was making the wielders of this weapon fierce enough that even when they do not harm their victims physically they manage to cause their victims to hate harm and even sometimes kill themselves




I have a feeling that more often than not true violence at its very core is carefully distilled





like the various shades of a most delicate bouquet 





hiding in the details




making itself discreet enough to remain unnoticed









while struggling to continue to start to live my own life in the most meaningful way as I have finally been able to reflect upon all the research and experimentation of the last 5 years





it finally came to me




it turned out to be nothing new to my concerns and beliefs




but it came to me braver brighter stronger and more determined than ever




scratching its way out trying to find its way into reality




the subtle solution or at least part of it to the insidious nature of violence against gender non conforming people










gender neutral pronouns





singular they





in order to fight the self hate of people that do not find it in themselves to reject the ambient violence and silent oppression of the binary cisgender straight world forces










when it comes to the way we talk about each other





here is why









by using gender neutral pronouns for others





you do not make assumptions AT ALL about people’s gender





you do not take into serious consideration what seems ‘obviously’ masculine or feminine to you or a pretend ‘common sense’




and you let anyone being able to define -or NOT to define- themselves the way they want regarding gender





by using gender neutral pronouns for others





you prevent unnecessary harm to people that suffer from social dysphoria





you do not unnecessarily characterize people in a way that is often confused with sexual interests and/or prejudices





you do not force people who struggle with their gender identity OR those who deny any place for another point of view about gender but a binary cisgender one to believe that their identity is bound to be attached to the gender they have been assigned to at birth





by using gender neutral pronouns for others





you do not let subjective opinions about what is feminine or masculine pretend that they are objective fact





whether we are talking about physical features
















activities and.or occupations










by using gender neutral pronouns for others





you respect the infinite potential of each and every human being to become whatever they want whenever they want





and you do not create unnecessary issues with that potential when it comes to gender





you do not force people to believe that they have to be clear or explore gender possibilities only once and only if it is for suicide or self-harm prevention





you do not let people believe that potential is something annoying or something that one has to apologize for






by using gender neutral pronouns towards someone cisgender





you do not make them believe they’re meant to be only that





you do not make them to believe that they won some kind of gender lottery or are in some way better more sane or less subject to questioning than anyone else



by using gender neutral pronouns towards someone transgender and dysphoric




you do not let them believe they’re meant to be only that




you prevent them from believing they’re meant to struggle and despair or that they’re separated from any part of their infinite potential




or that the fact the world or other people do not provide or behave the way they wish they would is an invincible obstacle to their self-achievement and happiness










by using systematically gender neutral pronouns towards a newborn





or any child until they make their own move to define -or NOT to define- themselves as belonging to a gender or another





and even afterwards





you make sure you won’t make them suffer unnecessarily




you don’t create any place for social dysphoria




and you will potentially save lives




you make  sure they know they will be accepted and loved by you regardless of their gender identity





you do not let the opportunity for them to think that they might not be cheered up by you along their path to gender expression





it is not fair to let anyone uncertain about that






















that does not mean we owe people to meet their expectations about us




that does not mean either that we cannot choose to express our gender identity in a binary way





whether it comes from the depths of our guts or from the way others look at us




that means that what makes us valuable to ourselves and others does not have a gender





but it includes potentially all gender identities that one can imagine






I am urging anyone of us to ask oneself





of what use is it to color life with gender in any situation ?




isn’t gendering anyone in a binary way unnecessarily putting them in a cisgender straight sexualized scenario whether we realize it or not?





why gendering a friend? a work partner? a family member in everyday life?





why characterizing anyone by what is still considered by most people as the way their genitals look like/can do?





and especially when it comes to children?





when we take a step back 





is it really that obvious and normal when we talk about someone to make a statement about their genitals?





how could it be?





WHY would it be?





I am urging anyone to reflect on how language gendering might be related to issues like




gender dysphoria



sexual harrassment


social inequities regarding gender



and so on







I am urging anyone to ask oneself if any experience



 any slice of life



 any sparkle of what makes our lives worth living 



has anything to do with the fact that we point at each other’s supposed or desired but most of all sometimes behatred genitals to the point where people want to die or harm themselves or have become unable of any positivity whatsoever



and if not



now that we took a step back, then came a little closer to look at it in the eye



do we really want to continue to do that?



does it look like something very mature we have been doing for so long?














by using gender neutral pronouns for yourself



you do not let others the society nor the institutions take for granted that gender is assigned at birth whether you would be perfectly fine with it or not



you actively support kids who would otherwise suffer unnoticed and die from gender dysphoria by making the whole cisgender straight scenario's language change and adapt for the better



you acknowledge and respect the fact that you honeslty can’t know for sure that your perception of gender wouldn’t be able to evolve or that you wouldn’t be able to consider yourself as belonging to a gender or another or as not belonging to any of them



whether it bothered you or not in the past







you do not make it sound like something that you wish wouldn’t happen




you are making the statement that you realize that being masculine and being feminine aren’t two separate things




that they aren’t opposite but connected and defining and redefining each other over and over again




both in the outside world and within yourself



that there is no need to continue to cope with social habits who are making suffering others or used to make you suffer yourself if that was the case



ans that you don’t need to make a binary move to be whatever you want to be at any time that makes you happy












by using gender neutral pronouns




you do not entertain the idea that you need to be identified or to identify yourself as belonging to a specific gender in order to be happy or to have self-esteem




which is the only reason why dysphoria exists and is able to kill




therefore you prevent people wishing or feeling the need to go through physical treatment or to be considered as belonging to a gender that has not been assigned to them at birth from having to justify their choice by distress and victimization and a suicidal mindset




you do not push kids to such extremities in order for them to finally be public and shameless about what they are




you do not push kids to  just give up on life where we haven’t been able to provide them consistent value




because you create a new paradigm where gender expression is NOT meant to be an issue




for the people




and the people around them



but the commonly acknowledged and protected expression of the right to each and everyone of us to be their happy self




so take the pledge








and from this moment on




go genderneutral for yourself




and if not




at least go genderneutral when speaking of others




but if it feels so unnatural to you to do that




if you are meant to have a child




I am begging you




free your child from gender the assigned one




use they.them towards them




specify whenever a gender is assigned to them that it is an assignment that they don't have to take into account if they do not want to




or at the very least




specify explicitly to your kids they wont be rejected for questioning their gender at any time




or to speak up about it





no matter how strong your assumptions or expectations or intuition might be towards them




do not take any chance to make the life of a kid a living nightmare to the point they will not be able to see any happy ending to it









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