Is the current silence worth the misery & bloodshed in Afghanistan?

Is the current silence worth the misery & bloodshed in Afghanistan?

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Ridhima Bhardwaj started this petition to UN and

Living in the 21st century every person is free to demand and expect for

their basic human rights . This is what the International Human Rights

law provides us with . It sets down a set of rules and regulations which

every country government must follow whether it be democratic

,dictatorship , military rule or any other sort of government .With 10

human right treaty bodies officially appointed by the UN it is disappointing

that still people in many countries are not getting their basic rights .The

capital of Afghanistan, Kabul was captured by the Taliban on August 15th

. It didn

't take long for The Taliban to repeat history; its atrocities and

brutalness is known to everybody . Women rights got restricted , leaving

Afghanistan has become almost impossible as you would be shot if you dare

to leave and minorities are being harassed and then killed . It is always

said to always have a willing hand to help someone, as you might be the only

one that does because part of being a human being is about helping others.

Everything happening in Afghanistan is awful.Fight in the name of religion

in the 21st century shouldn

't even be a thing let alone killings on this basis

. The Taliban has banned co-education in Afghanistan

's Herat province.

This is the first 'fatwa

' issued by the Taliban after its swift takeover of

Afghanistan last week.This is totally unfair to the students out there, don


they deserve basic education like other children do? These students are

made suicide bombers just in the name of there religion. Is this justice to

these innocent lives?The women who comprise nearly 50% of the total

population have been living in dread for the return of the Taliban.Women

breaking rules/laws are punished on the spot with floggings and executions.Women are treated like cattle and do not have any access to adequate

healthcare. We believe that there is only 1 god which is the universal truth.

It is just each person

's faith who they call that universal spirit and which

religion they follow. God never never judges on the basis of religion but on

the basis of truth and sin. We respect all religions and faiths but we do not

believe that religion is about believing in only 1 god and then killing others

who do not preach the same . We believe true religion is all about

compassion , respect and how we treat others and not a particular named

religion . We believe that the taking away human rights should never be a

part of religion as this no longer remains religion but pure terror .Today if

we will not take a stand then the terrorism will rise. The peace we all wish

for will get pretentious. So we all have come forward to make this petition

as the UN should take action and help people and refugees in Afghanistan

who are dreading and fighting for their lives . We all believe that by signing

this petition we could help to make a change in how religion is preached not

as a set of rules or a single holy book but as a feeling of compassion and

respect. We hope that this petition will help make a safe passage for every

citizen of Afghanistan to demand for their rights .This petition will bring

a positive shift in many lives, it can save the life of those innocent children

who die in the name of their religion, Freedom cannot be achieved unless all

genders have been emancipated from all kinds of oppression.Let us all come

together to fight for freedom and faith because we are not developed in

whatsoever means until we have developed ourselves in the name of religion

We need to first respect people , treat men and women any other non
binary gender as the same and then preach what is true religion .

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At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!