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Petitioning UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), OIC and Heads of All Muslim countries

Pass a law from UNHRC for prohibiting religious mockery

For many years international media has published cartoons and broadcast movies that have made fun of prophet Muhammad (salAllah-o-aleh wasalm), prophet Jesus (aleh salam) and other religious figures.
These acts create severe anger among the believers of a religion and that sometimes causes violent protest.
As a mature and civilized people we all have right to agree and disagree others believe but have no right to insult and make fun of others' religious figures and holy places.
Disbelieving and disagreeing from others beliefs must be done in mature and civilized way and not in unethical ways.
We all live on earth and have right to live peacefully without hurting others feelings with our actions and words.
Therefore I request you to sign this petition so that we can ask all Muslim countries and OIC to draft an international law prohibiting Religious Mockery, and push UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to adopt it and ask all member states to adopt it.


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  • UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), OIC and Heads of All Muslim countries

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