慰安婦は性奴隷ではありません。The Comfort Women were not military sex slaves. “UN Coomaraswamy Report” is erroneous and incredibly naïve.

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1, A very primary source, US Army Official Report in 1944, depicts that comfort women are nothing more than prostitutes at the war, highly remunerated, who have free time to enjoy.  So they were not slaves but prostitutes remunerated. The Report continues, “ Because of the kind treatment, Korean comfort women feel that American soldiers are more emotional than Japanese soldiers. Comfort women are afraid of Chinese troops”. This part means that Korean comfort women testified that Japanese soldiers were  emotional, less than Americans.The cruelty of Japanese  Army is not laid at all on the table. After all they gave a positive appreciation to Japanese army. Contrary to American and Japanese army, Korean Comfort Women also testified that they were afraid of Chinese Army.


 2, The Comfort Women Issue commenced to appear at the stage of the United Nations in 1994 with Commission on Human Rights Resolution 1994/45 which resulted in so-called “Coomaraswamy Report” (Addendum) in 1996. But this report, strangely, has not mentioned the US Army Report in 1944 above-mentioned, instead, cites in footnotes two fabricated stories on Comfort Women (the one was written by Mr. Yoshida Seiji who confessed that his testimony was not true and the other was by Australian,Mr. G.HIcks, relying  on Mr. Yohida’s fabricated story. And it should be informed that Mr. G. Hicks is a masqueraded author while the real author is Korean, Mr. Hey Kyung Lee) as purported evidentiary facts.Furthermore, amazingly“Coomaraswamy Report” accepts affirmatively, without searching any primary evidence other than testimonies, the allegation of North-Korea, one of the worst countries violating human rights, that The Japanese Army abducted 200,000 Korean women and it was a racial genocide to Koreans. 

3, Certainly, there was a “war crimes” that Japanese Army units forced Dutch women in prisoner-of-war camp to work in a brothel in Indonesia. The War Crime Tribunal sentenced some certain military officers and civilians to death.  This is an exceptional “war crimes” related to the Comfort Women,  which does not reflect at all the whole realities of the Comfort Women System (prostitutes at the war system). Confusion must be excluded. 

4, If the Japanese Army had abducted 200,000 women to force them into military sex slave, it would be completely a “war crimes”. Then, to give the Japan the sentence of guilty, the completely faire process must be taken, the allegations and testimonies must be strictly examined and solid evidences must be demanded. Otherwise it is Japanese nation who are falsely accused and whose human rights are violated. Recently many Japanese people doubt the validity of the allegations of so-called Korean former comfort women. Tens of thousands of signatures to demand the clarification of the validity have been submitted to the Japanese government.



1、疑いようのない正に一次資料である1944年米軍オフィシャルレポートには、慰安婦とは単なる売春婦であり、高額の報酬を得、自由時間もあった、と書かれています。つまり慰安婦とは奴隷ではなく報酬を得ていた売春婦ということです。更に米軍レポートは、「親切な扱いを受けているせいで、朝鮮慰安婦たちはアメリカの兵士の方が日本の兵士より、もっと情愛的(more emotional)だと感じている。彼女らは中国軍を怖がっている」と記述しています。つまり朝鮮人慰安婦達は日本軍が残酷であったなどという主張を否定し、日本兵士は米兵よりは劣るが、情愛的であったと証言し、日本軍に対しポシティブな評価をしているのです。又、彼女らは中国軍を怖がっているということも述べています。

2、国連の舞台で慰安婦問題がとりあげられ始めたのは、1994年の人権委委員会1994・45決議と、その委託を受けた1996年のいわゆるクマラスワミ報告書(追加文書)からです。しかしこのクマラスワミ報告書は不思議なことに、前述の米軍レポートについては一切言及されておらず、そのかわりに、捏造物語2作品が証拠事実として参照注釈に記載されているのです(この2作品は本人が捏造であると告白した吉田清治氏の物語とそれに依拠したヒックス氏のものです. 又、ヒックス氏は実際の執筆者ではなく、韓国のヘイ・キュング・リー氏がゴーストライターです)。さらに、この報告書が、もっともひどい人権侵害国の一つである北朝鮮が主張している、日本軍は20万人の朝鮮女性を拉致し、民族抹殺を行ったということを、なんの裏付け調査もせずに受け入れているのも驚きです。