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Kerala SBCID ( Special Branch Criminal Investigation Department) and CBCID are vandalizing the
peaceful atmosphere of the State of Kerala by targeting minority community through hacking the e- mail
IDs of 268 key persons who are familiar in the field of social activities. Though the SBCID is an
independent home agency whose work is not answerable to either the Indian Parliament or to the State
legislature has trying to fish out of troubled water through hacking the e-mail IDs of both Political
leaders and NGO workers that includes the Human rights Activists who belongs to the Minority
community particularly Muslims has created wide hue and cry among the society, because most of the
people are very much scared about the behavior of the particular department and its work towards
threatening the well educated people of the particular community in India marking them as either
terrorists or anti Indian due to the work done by them. As in some of the cases like Makka Masjid bomb
blast case, Maligav, Ajmeer in Rajasthan blast case, Samjhoudha etc the pending files in the court have
a vivid explanation of proof through e-mails that shows how the accused had conspired in the process
to commit the crime. Later the sending of messages to various banned outfits through the hacked email
IDs of innocent people belongs to the particular minority community who represent the community
with education was proved in the court as fake. This types of activities of the SBCID might have paved
the way for putting innocent young educated people throughout the jails at least in the most of the
cases occurred in different Indian States after crushing their born and muscle. This types of work that
has been done by the SBCID could be under stood from studying the majority of the First Information
Report laid down by the said department in the various criminal courts. Later Supreme Court of India
found out facts done through an agency like NIA as fake while considering their bail application.
The basics of the present petition is that the Hi-Tec Cell of the SBCID and CBCID in the State of Kerala
hacked 269 e-mail IDs of the innocent young highly educated; out of 259 are Muslim youths remaining
10 from indigenous community, stating the cause that it is to protect the National Integrity has been
published through a vernacular Malayalam weekly. The Home department later started aninvestigation
about the publication of hacking of the e-mail IDs otherwise forbidden by the existing cyber law and
arrested one senior Sub Inspector of police; who is a witness, now under prison and one Senior Doctor
(District Medical Officer) who is the founder of Minority Right Watch, directed his subordinate to issue
necessary certificate after verification to his patient ( one of the witnesses) has been gone for
underground due to the threaten of arrest and both are belongs to minority community. In addition a
practicing Lawyer who is the chairman of the Minority Right Watch for the last 13years whose three email
IDs were hacked, but presently under surveillance for the last several years and trying to implicate
as a person behind the published story of e-mail hacking.
The total threaten and implicating of the innocent or witnesses by the department has to be stopped. So we as justice liking people
warrant the world Organization urgent and necessary
steps to interfere and cognize the matter as inhuman anti minority and against freedom of the individual
as per Art 12.

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