Stop the potential human rights violations of no-deal brexit!

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The UK government has decided not to request an extension to the brexit transition period and could walk away from talks without a deal.  The chaos that would ensue from no-deal, on top of the devastation, of the current pandemic, threatens to seriously disrupt our supplies of life-saving meds and fresh food, leading to many more extra deaths. This is a violation of our Human Right to life, health and food as set out in the UN Declaration of Human Rights.  The UK government has seriously mishandled the coronavirus pandemic (deliberately?) and it's current performance on no-deal planning (fridges/ferries?) casts doubt on its ability/desire to ensure that these essential supplies are maintained. These government imposed shortages are a gun pointed at the heads of every single UK resident who relies on imported medication to stay alive.  We wish to make the UN High Commission on Human Rights and also the European Commission (but it's not your fault) aware of these potential Human Rights violations by the UK govt. Can you help us to prevent this and save lives? We will be in desperate need of your aid if Johnson and Cummings have their way.