Make “Achieve sustainable cities and human settlements” a Sustainable Development Goal.

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Make “Achieve sustainable cities and human settlements” a Sustainable Development Goal.

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MAS Global Practitioner Network started this petition to UN General Assembly on Sustainable Development Goals

Back in 2000, when the United Nations established the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) international targets to guide global investments to alleviate poverty, it forgot cities. Now the MDGs are expiring to be replaced with a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) currently being debated and to be approved shortly. The discussions to date have covered poverty, social inclusion and the environment, but again they are forgetting cities! Missing is an appreciation of how and where people are actually living: the importance of place.

We know that the cities of the world are critical to 21st century life because:

Cities generate 70% of global wealth

Cities provide livelihoods and support services for the majority the world’s population

Over the next twenty years, the world’s cities are expected to DOUBLE in physical size

A dedicated SDG on sustainable cities and human settlements would prioritize global attention on the pressing challenges in cities around the world, and encourage urban development that curtails wasteful sprawl and provides:

·      decent, affordable housing

·      accessible public transport and

·      safe open space

·      protection from manmade and natural disasters

·      dynamic urban places to work and live 

We need city-builders around the world -- people like YOU --- who are concerned about the livability and resilience of their city, to become urban champions.

Make “Achieve sustainable cities and human settlements” a Sustainable Development Goal.

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The United Nations is made up of representatives from national governments, the level of governance furthest away from the people, and often removed from the real challenges cities and human settlements, and the people who live in them, are facing. We need to remind our elected officials in our national governments that we are where the majority of their electorate lives: in CITIES and HUMAN SETTLEMENTS. National and international policy makers and decision-makers must factor urban considerations into every major initiative they consider. Our collective future is at stake.

For more information on this campaign for an urban SDG, please refer to:   and to learn more about MAS Global:

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This petition had 211 supporters

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